Terms of cooperation with the Russian Federation, the Countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus

Working conditions

- we work with legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

- we conclude a foreign trade agreement on the terms of 100% prepayment, VAT-0% rate (with residents of the Russian Federation - in Russian rubles, with residents of the countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus - in Russian rubles or US dollars)

— the minimum order amount for a wholesale batch is 350,000 Russian rubles

(you can make an order for a smaller amount from our representatives in the Russian Federation) link to representative.

Documents required for cooperation

-Copy of TIN certificate

-Copy of registration certificate (record sheet)

-Bank and postal details

-Copy of the passport (for individual entrepreneurs)

-Order / decision on the appointment of a manager / other person authorized to conclude an agreement (for legal entities)

-Charter (for legal entities)

Procedure for obtaining information about a product

In order to gain access to wholesale prices and the ability to place an order on the site, you must register. User registration on the site occurs when you click register , filling in all the fields and sending the registration form - soon the manager will contact you to confirm your activation.


If you are already registered on the site, then to place an order, just enter your personal account. After reviewing the product catalog, choose the product you like, add it to the cart. Until the moment of final ordering, you can add or remove goods from the basket and / or adjust its quantity without limit, and then "Checkout".

It will also be convenient to place an order for goods through the "Quick order" section.

After placing an order, our manager will contact you to clarify the details of the order and issue an invoice.

We draw your attention to the fact that the prices on the site are indicated with VAT-0%, and the purchase of goods is possible only in containers (boxes or rolls).

Payment for the order

The minimum order amount is 350 thousand Russian rubles. Payment by bank transfer.

If the order is not paid within 5 banking days after the invoice is issued, without prior notification of the delay in payment, the order is canceled.


We work on the terms FCA-g. Orsha according to the terms of INCOTERMS-2010. The terms of shipment and the method of delivery are agreed upon additionally.

If it is impossible to place an online order through your personal account, an order on a letterhead is accepted, drawn up according to the sample:

product name

vendor code



Pattern / Color



20S157-ShR / 039 / v / u





The number of products in one package

Piece goods:

1) Dinner set - 1 box (5-15 pcs. Depending on size)

2) Tablecloth - 1 box (9-15 pieces depending on the size)

3) Napkin, towel - 1 pack (30 pcs.)

4) Sets of kitchen towels in souvenir packaging:

- a set of 3 pieces - 1 box (20 pieces)

- a set of 4 pieces - 1 box (15 pcs.)

- a set of 7 pieces - 1 box (8 pcs.)

5) Bedding set:

- size (215 * 148) - 1 box (5 pcs.)

- size (215 * 175) - 1 box (4 pcs.)

- size (220 * 210) - 1 box (3 pcs.)

6) Bed sheet - 1 pack (10 pcs.)

7) A set of pillowcases of 2 pieces - 1 box (23 pieces).

8) Set for a bath - 1 box (8 pcs.).

9) Apron - 1 pack (30 pcs.)

10) Plaid - 1 box (4 pcs.).

11) Stole - 1 box (13 pcs.).

12) Terry towel:

-size 50 * 90 - 1 box (10-12 pcs.)

-size 75 * 140 - 1 box (5-7 pcs.)

13) A set of terry towels of 3 pieces - 1 box (5 pcs.)

14) Bag - 1 box (20 pcs.)


1 roll (from 30 to 55 lm)