The Arshansk flax mill is the most successful in Europe's independent laboratories and has the most extensive patents and high-quality workmanship on the Ekatex-100 workmanship certificates.

For 80-gadovy history on the pre-priyemstvo, vyalizny were accumulated, one might say, the experience of working in the galina of the worker’s flax and the work of natural palatnas is unique. Zahoўvayuchy traditional flax weaving, sennashnіya spetsialisty іmknutstsa іstsі ў nagu z o'clock, hover hour pratsuyutsya over daskanalennym tehnalogіі, vyshenniy yakassi. In 2004, at the RUVGP "Arshansky lnokambinat" was punished and certified a management system for compliance with the STB ISO 9001-2001 standard. Not spynyaetstsa pratses abnaўlennya abstalyavannya, instead of aged machine tools, they purchase and install current automatic lines. Geta davalyae yashche is more diverse range of products.

Taxama on the whole produc- tion is the declaration of the advancing mytnaga union and the certificates of the advancing mytnaga union of the offensive form.