New items in the collection of towels "RECYCLED".

♻RUPTP "Orshansky flax-processing plant" widely uses technologies of waste-free production and processing of secondary raw materials in the process of creating innovative environmentally friendly products.
❇Waste recycling allows you to solve many issues with the rational use of natural resources, creating conditions for reducing waste.
❇ Recycled textile raw materials are used for reuse in the production of home textiles, while significantly reducing the cost of their production.
❇The process of recycling textile waste does not require operations related to the pollution of wastewater by chemicals involved in the technology of processing fabrics.
❇Currently, the problem of depletion of natural resources, environmental pollution and waste disposal is taking on a global scale. Choosing things made from recycled materials, we not only lead an ecological lifestyle, but also save forests from deforestation, rivers from pollution, and mineral resources from complete depletion.

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