Pavazhany pakupnik!

Kab nabyty vyrab prinosіў radastsі servitov ў doўga, pritrymlіytsesya our rekamendatsyy. Remember that valakna, threads and fabrics are welded together with different technologies, and dachshunds are different from the Apratsov family. There, the darling worked out ў adpavednasts with symbols on the sight, indicated on the tsetlik, and also tried to use offensive simple rules:

  1. The passage of the muscle of the malanka and the guziki ў of the workings of the abavyazkov peacock were pinned.
  2. The drum of the cleaning machine needs to be zapaŞnyatsya napalova. Geta zabyaspechyts efektyўnae, thrifty muscle, light palaskan and hellish.
  3. The machine tool is developed from the color palettes of the cantra colors or from the cantra color of the varta to be worked out in the tseplay vadze (not higher than 40 degrees ў) with the extraction of the soap type for the color fabrics;
  4. It is not pazhadana for mytstsa to vykarystoўvats z s biyadabaўkamі (enzymes), because yana can depharmavatsya thread and pruevestsі and unraveling fabric at the seams.
  5. Vyraby from kalyarovyh patonaў kantraў kolerў or with kantra razdablenye zabaranyaetsya soak and boil, and dachshunds pack wet ў folded look.
  6. Vyraby with gafts, karunkami, stuffed malyunka, smooth farbate and "with the effects of mint" varta padvargatsyu muscle and prasavannya from the bottom side, if not pashkodzіts decaratous elements, malyunak and color of the vyraba are applied.
  7. In order to develop mytstsi "from the effects of metastsi" it is necessary to vykarstovats kandytsyaner for bullying.
  8. When soaked and muscles are parashok, it is necessary to breed at the wadze, and not to apply it to the work.
  9. Vyraby z kalyarovye palotnaў varta stsіrats asobna hell vyrabaў belaga color scheme.
  10. Davalyaetstsa hellish at the right car. Recommended hutkasts adtsiskannya 400-600 abarotov at hvіlіnu.
  11. Drying is not allowed to be made from color palettes for sun, because the color of the choice can fade (burn out).
  12. Prasavats іlnyanyya vyraby pr maximum temperature 150 degrees ў z vіlgatnіlnіkami.
  13. Zabaranyaetstsa prasavanna passelnaya balіzny z malankam_ prazavalny shaft.
  14. Zabaranyaetstsa contact of linen workers with chemical-acting speeches in household minds.


Special papers:

  1. The right exploitation and muscle worked out from the color palettes of the rich kvetaks of the dapushchaetsa the transition of the color to the data top, and the dachshund some change of the color.
  2. The linen pastures of pasturing mystsya can be given to usajvanna, at the narmavan borders.
  3. The exploitation of flax mills dapushchaetstsa adukatsyya fluff and peeling, ie. vyraby konvayutstsa z natural windrows.
  4. In the excavations of the regenerated valakna dapushchaets, there are spots of kalyar valokna on the entire background.


Pry uncaptured our recomendations, and dachshunds pry:

- nyadbaynym vykarystanni;
- self-made ramonze;
- mechanical bridles, for which the choice is not different;
- Uzdzeyannі khіmіchna-aktyўnyh speeches in everyday minds;
- parashenni pravіlaў khіmchistki (like asabіsta, so i spetsyyalіzavanymi arganіzacyami);

— uzdzyannі іnshіh zneshnіh jumps, yakіya do not succumb to control from the side of the vytvortsy


Bactericidal, antifungal and hypoallergenic class of flaxseed products.

Crafts for the holidays are not so lazy, not a thousand bastards, and yes, linen fabrics do not ruin their own relevance in everyday life, fashion, and creativity. The unique elastic flax rolls of fabrics are not only prim and daugavechny, but also karysny for health.


Valakny lena mayuts bactericidal ўlascivasci. This means that the disease-causing microflora does not sue with linen fabrics. Silica (silicon diyaksid), like zmyashchaetstsa ў lyon, odorous bacteric growth, yakіya call out sour and rotting. Sleep on a linen balizne is regular, or our days are spent on the pascara gaenne ranak, sleepy apekaў, and the wounds on linen bandages are hot. Linen can be ironed with warm clothes and boiled, which gives the maximum sterilization of fabrics.


Anti-fungal glacial lena dapamagayutsya pit lyachyts fungus ill. Kitchen linen hands with getai springs do not become a “bacteria bombay”. Analogous effect atrymlivae ўsё all your whole falling asleep on the pastel balizne from lena.


Non-afarbavany linen fabrics are hypoallergenic. Vyadomyya attacks of allergy to synthetic fabrics, poўst, shock, and to flax - not fixed. Akramya tago, well-grown flax, we are less aptsovaetstsa chemical speeches, chym bavona. The high winding of flax rolls does not patrabue the hell of a creator, vykarystoўvats polyapshalnіkі fabrics, put on the yay a baron hell of a seat. Advice for allergy sufferers and asthmatics - choose linen fabrics, which are easy to stone and smooth smooth - yana does not suffer from chemical apratsovki hell of creasing.


For natural materials, linen fabric is issued "breathing", g.zn. goodbye pavetra, couple. Flax foresees the aptimal ventilation of the scurry, gives us the chance to regulate the chicken - let us go sudotyku with a cloudy sky in the winter, bring the chicken in summer, lowering the temperature is whole. Gіgraskapіchnasts, tsі zdolnasts clean up and vіlgats vіlgats, at flax vyshey, chym at bavoўny (12 and 8% adpavedna). This is important not only for our summer holidays, but also for pastel whites and kitchen handles for any couple of years.


Linen does not electrify. Meaning, your prychoska zaўsedy will look neat, if you wear flax coughs or spice on bulks of flax - more than any “dzhmukhaўtsov” on the head, or wounded by ab'yomu, “sprylya” valasov. Akramya tago, minimal electrification of the fabric’s fabric: less and more frivolous, not choosing on the saba the valakna in step of color and ardor.

How to vykarystoўvats karysny ўlastsіvastsі lena to the maximum?

Nasіts іlnyanoe adzenne. In summer sleep, linen cloths and coughs are a natural connoisseur. The flax of goodness is adventitious and chick, there in the advents the temperature is whole ў іlnanny adzennі lower by 4–5 ° С, chym in bavaўnyanai. White flax a baranyae whole hell of UV decay and the whole spectrum of sunflowers, abaranyayuchy whole hell of wilting and early starastsi.


Sleep on pastelnaya balizne z lenu. Kali ў you are a problematic scurvy, dermatologically ill, you are simply peryadzeli on the sun, prascins, bulkheads and padkovodranіk z nyabelenaga flax, pale scurry, let the irritated scurry, pakul you spice. Linen prascins are recommended to vykarystoўvats decubitus ailments, it is ill for the ventilation that is not necessary for them, more decubitus ulcers, the growth of fresh epithelium is observed.


Hanging linen fur. Aproch ekalagіchnaya chistіnі іnter'er firankі z nyabelenaga lenu dapamoguts stavaryts at khatse stylny décor, being softly dissipated holily, not being electrified. You are admiring on your own bacteriocydnye ўlastsіvastsі linen fabrics, navat kali pavesіce іх at the look of the parciera ў bedrooms, dzіtsyachay, in the kitchen for the application of spraying microflora. Curtains from flax will become your "natural candy-cyaners" - in winter, they can drown the chicken, in summer, the hell of the street is hibernating. Partners will be easy to deal with and will purchase replacements no earlier than when there are a few bastards.


The oligarchs made their own wardrobe, the cherries at their bedrooms, and you are not a pashkaduets ab your own choices. For nіma nіchoga darazheystep for your vydatnaya samadchuvanne and healthy of your relatives.