Orsha Linen Mill is a textile enterprise, which processes flax and produces linen fabrics and finished linen items.

Factory #1 manufactures yarns from short fibers, which are used for production of fabrics for sacking and packing, and which are also used by other enterprises for the production of carpets and other technical products.


After installation of fiber cottonizing machines, the enterprise started the production of cottonized flax fiber, which is mainly used to produce yarns and partially supplied to other consumers.


Spinning preparatory equipment complex for open-end spinning produces fine yarns (from cottonized flax fiber and blended), which are used for own production of fabrics for household and technical use, and are also supplied to carpet manufacturers in Belarus and to the CIS countries.

Factory #2 processes long flax fiber.


The factory produces more than 1,500 articles of fabrics of different textures, sizes and designs. Among them are fabrics for table and bed linen, curtains, upholstery and decorative fabrics, apparel fabrics and fabrics for painting.


Factory #3 also processes long flax fiber.


Factory #3 produces more than 100 articles of fabrics. After the installation of the new textile machinery “Picanol” (Belgium) Orsha Linen Mill obtained an opportunity to produce finished fabrics for bed linen of 260 cm width. All the fabrics produced on new looms have improved characteristics such as breaking load, abrasion, shrinkage, etc.

Loom state fabrics produced at Factory #2 and #3 are then processed at Finishing factory. The finishing factory provides the following types of finishing:

– Dyeing process of fabrics for bed and table linen, apparel, decorative and upholstery fabrics;

– Eggshell finish of fabrics for bed linen;

– Shrink-proof finish;

– Glazed finish of fabrics for table linen and towels;

– Softening;

– Tonal printing;


Sewing factory has the ability to sew all groups of home textile garments such as bed and table linen, kitchen sets, kitchen and decorative towels, curtains, bed covers and plaids, decorative pillowcases. The whole assortment of the sewing factory has more than 5 thousand items of finished products.